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Michael Dimou was born in Chios, Greece in 1991.


By the age of 13 he had already realized that design and construction play an important role in his life. His father was the first teacher in the field of construction and engineering.

He studied Mechanical Engineering in Athens as he was curious to understand how the world and its moving parts work. During the same period he worked with his father in the construction of bottling and packaging machines.

After many changes in his career he decided to deal with the product and furniture design as it is an area where there are no limits to design and innovation. Michael works with Orange - Circle in Singapore as Innovation Lead. He has collaboration with global companies for product design and innovation.

Through the design of furniture and objects, he tries to capture memories, stories and emotions with a Surreal - Doric path. He is at your disposal to make a special creation which will represent its creator and the owner as well.

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Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018, First Award | Category: Product Design, Backpack Kevdia

European Product Design Awards 2020, Single Award | Category: Stationery, Compass - Protractor

Muse Design Awards 2020, Silver Award | Category: Conceptual Design, Gaima at Home Aid

LICC 2020, First Award | Category: USE (Product) - Professional, TrailMe

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