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The Designer

Michael Dimou was born on the Island Chios (Greece) in 1991.


By the age of 13 he had already realized that design and construction play an important role in his life. His father was his first teacher in the field of construction and engineering.

Michael studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Athens as he was curious to understand how the world and its moving parts work.


Parallel with his studies Michael worked together with his father in the field of bottling and packaging machine construction.

​After exploring several career options, Michael decided to follow design of products and furniture, as this area has no limits to fantasy, design and innovations. 


Michael works with Orange - Circle in Singapore as Innovation Lead. He has collaboration with global companies for product design and innovation.

Through the design of furniture and objects, he tries to capture memories, stories and emotions with a Surreal - Doric path.


He is at your disposal to create a personalized special design for either business or private use. Your story can be converted to any kind of product which will represent its creator and the owner as well.

Awards & Publications
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